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Blankenberge, extraordinarily belle époque!

Did you know that a lot of heritage from the belle-époque period (1870-1914) can be seen in Blankenberge? Located in the centre, in the belle-époque district around St. Rochus church, you will find the Belle Epoque Centre.

Three belle-époque villas from 1894 were restored and transformed into the Belle Epoque Centre, one interactive experience house.Discover the story of Blankenberge anno 1900 and find out what belle époque meant in Blankenberge. The Belle Epoque Centre is also ideally located, within walking distance of the station and very close to the North Sea.

Get to know the most beautiful time we knew in the 19th and 20th centuries : the belle époque. This period had its glory years between 1870 and 1914,when the European bourgeoisie enjoyed their prosperity. Blankenberge then developed into an important seaside town with major architectural realisations such as the Casino, the Pier, coastal villas and large hotels for the increasing tourism. Get carried away in the careless and festive atmosphere that made Blankenberge shine during the belle époque. The interactive exhibition tells a nostalgic story through posters, postcards, fashion, photos and film material. Besides, admire some beautiful tile panels.

There is also plenty to do for children, together with our belle époque mascots Belle and Hendrik!