Accessibility Belle Epoque Centre

The Belle Epoque Centre is fully accessible by wheelchair.

  • All floors can be easily reached by lift (max. 1 wheelchair per ride).
  • The exhibition is at the height of people in a wheelchair.
  • The museum has adapted sanitary facilities ( accessible by wheelchair).

Dogs are not allowed, except for assistance dogs.

The exhibition and the visitor's guide are available in 4 languages: Dutch, French, German and English.

Even with a pram, you can easily visit all floors thanks to the lift. 

Would you like extra preparation for a visit to the Belle Epoque Centre? The visual roadmap shows you what to expect when visiting our exhibition. How to reach us? What does the building look like? How does a museum visit go? And what is there to see? Any futher questions: contact us at or +3250636640. We'll be happy to help!