Art Nouveau Treasures


The temporary exhibition 'Art Nouveau Treasures' can be visited from O7 October 2023 up to 16 June 2024 inclusive at the Belle Epoque Centre. This edition highlights 'art nouveau'.

Brussels is celebrating the Art Nouveau Year in 2023. 130 years ago, Victor Horta built the very first Art Nouveau house: Hotel Tassel. With our temporary exhibition 'Art Nouveau Treasures', we are happy to go along with this.

In the belle-époque period, art nouveau becomes popular. This so-called new style can be seen not only in art and architecture of the time, but also finds its way into the interior through everyday objects such as furniture, tableware, jewellery...
Typical in Belgium and France are the graceful lines inspired by the plant and animal world. In Eastern Europe (with Vienna as the centre), we see the rather pure geometric basic forms of the Secession style emerging.

Admire in this expo magnificent treasures by famous names such as Henri Van de Velde, Fernand Khnopff, James Ensor, Josef Hoffmann, Michael Thonet, Marcel Kammerer...

In collaboration with Design Museum Gent, vzw De Vrienden van het Begijnhof Sint-Truiden and private collectors.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 14:00 to 17:00
Tickets: included in the entrance fee

Wheelchair accessible

More info: www belleepoquecentrum be